Dominic Mekky

April is a multimedia music drama by Dominic Mekky and Franky Rousseau. Adapted from a play by Samuel Bronowski, April tells the story of a singer in her early thirties who is irreparably losing her hearing, and the ensuing toll this takes on her and her two close, but unhealthy, relationships. Through a series of scenes and episodes, employing many different modes of storytelling, the plot unfolds in fragments, narrated by one of the characters in hindsight. April can be watched as a film, listened to, or staged live; nothing essential is lost between the media.

The film work of Pier-Louis Dagenais-Savard is a constant temporal navigator, always spinning and moving, connecting different periods of time and allowing us to “see” memory. We see the characters as they were and are, remembered and imagined.

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Dominic Mekky is a composer and pianist. He writes concert works and theater pieces, scores films, and plays piano/electronics in a number of eclectic groups. He is a founder of the theatrical production house, “Sounds & Voices,” alongside frequent collaborator Franky Rousseau. He wrote a multimedia music drama entitled “April.” He lives in Brooklyn, NY.