Dominic Mekky

a multi-media theater piece

April is a multi-media theater piece that fluidly merges a few discrete artistic forms: opera, musical theater, and film. I wrote it with Franky Rousseau over the course of almost four years. The text was adapted from a stage play by Samuel Bronowski. The piece is written for a small chamber ensemble, but it’s all pre-recorded (the only live element being the singers) and mixed with electronic sound design and perpetual video by Pier-Louis Dagenais Savard.

Test premiere was September 10th 2015. Currently under development as a short film.

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Dominic Mekky is a composer, arranger, and pianist. He writes concert works and theater pieces, scores films, and plays piano/electronics in a number of eclectic groups. He is a founder of the theatrical production house, “Sounds & Voices,” alongside frequent collaborator Franky Rousseau. He wrote a multimedia music drama entitled “April.” He lives in Brooklyn, NY.